Should Ford Reconsider Working with Chinese Battery Company?

Ford Motors has made significant strides toward producing more sustainable and environmentally-friendly vehicles in recent years. One of the ways it achieves this is by partnering with a Chinese battery company to produce electric vehicles. However, US Senators have raised concerns about this partnership, citing potential threats to national security and intellectual property theft by the Chinese company. This article will delve deep into the reasons behind these concerns and explore the counterarguments.

Concerns From Lawmakers

As a leading automaker in the world, Ford Motors has announced its commitment to investing over $11 billion in electrifying its vehicles by 2022. Its partnership with SK Innovation, a Chinese battery company, is one way it plans to achieve this goal.

However, US Senators have raised concerns about this partnership.

One of the main concerns is the possibility of intellectual property theft by SK Innovation. According to the Senators, SK Innovation has stolen trade secrets from its competitor, LG Chem. If Ford Motors continues its partnership with SK Innovation, it may be seen as a reward for bad behavior.

Another concern raised by US Senators is the potential threat to national security. SK Innovation’s close ties to the Chinese government make it a security risk. The Senators claim that it could potentially use the partnership with Ford Motors to gain access to sensitive information.


Despite the valid concerns raised by the Senators, there are counterarguments to consider. Firstly, SK Innovation has denied the allegations of intellectual property theft, and the International Trade Commission is currently investigating the case. Secondly, while SK Innovation is a Korean company, not a Chinese company, it does have ties to Chinese companies. However, the company has stated that it is committed to abiding by US laws and regulations.


In conclusion, Ford Motors’ partnership with SK Innovation may raise concerns about intellectual property theft and national security.

However, it is important to consider the counterarguments before making a final decision. Ford Motors is committed to creating more sustainable vehicles, and partnering with SK Innovation is one way it achieves this goal. The allegations of intellectual property theft are currently under investigation, and SK Innovation has expressed its commitment to following US laws and regulations.

While Ford Motors should carefully evaluate the potential risks, it should not rule out the possibility of continuing its partnership with SK Innovation. As a responsible corporate citizen, Ford Motors should weigh the potential risks and benefits before deciding.






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